Dudley Building Society

​Dudley Building Society provides mortgages solely through trusted intermediaries to shape their mortgage offer to deliver a range of products and criteria that will hopefully support their partners in providing their clients with the exceptional service they deserve and expect.

Procuration Tables

​Gross fee paid by lender                                                                                                               Procuration fee to intermediary

​All Products 0.40%
​​All Products 0.37%
All information correct as at 29/11/2018
​All information correct as at 29/11/2018


Their business philosophy is designed to help you deliver first class service to your clients, based on a common sense underwriting process, overseen by real underwriters, who look at each case on its merit.

The Dudley Building Society offer a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of different personal circumstances including;

  • Mortgages in and into retirement (No upper age limits across our whole product range)
  • Guarantors (Non related guarantors also accepted)
  • Mortgage terms up to 40 years
  • Self Employed / Contractors with as little as one year’s accounts
  • Team of specialist underwriters

  • ​Expat mortgages
  • No credit scoring
  • Up to four applicants on a mortgage
  • Mortgages up to £1M at 90% LTV


Principal Office
7 Harbour Buildings,
The Waterfront
Brierley Hill,
West Midlands,

For enquiries

Tel: 01384 489195

Visit: www.dudleybuildingsociety.co.uk

Email: [email protected]


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