HSBC for Intermediaries entered the mortgage market in October 2014 with a single supplier. They have steadily increased their panel of Intermediaries to 16, with continued growth planned.

HSBC is committed to working effectively with you in ensuring the best interest and outcome for the customer, by working in partnership with you.

HSBC is a recognised Global Brand and they hope their products are a welcomed addition to their ability to source the right products for your customers.

HSBC is available to a limited distribution, please refer to your Regional Key Account Manager for more information. 

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lender                                                                                                                Procuration fee to intermediary

​All products    0.40%                 
Product Transfer 0.2%
All products 0.38%      
Product Transfer 0.18%

​All information correct as at 06/03/2019

​All information correct as at 06/03/2019


Reasons to do business with HSBC.

Unlike some lenders, HSBC provide purchasing customers with a mortgage offer before they receive the valuation report. They believe this helps to put them a step ahead as they can demonstrate to estate agents and sellers that they're serious buyers.

HSBC have a dedicated UK call centre to assist with new and existing application queries. Also on hand is a highly experienced and professional team of BDMs.

Broker Support Office (BSO):

0345 6005847
Monday – Friday
9:00 – 17:00

​For enquiries


​Key contacts 

Local BDM can be found here​.