Beverley Building Society

At Beverley Building Society, we understand the importance and increasing role intermediaries play in helping to navigate borrowers through a complex mortgage market. Which is why we are absolutely committed to going out of our way to make your job as straightforward as possible. Our new broker online system provides you with the functionality you need to submit cases efficiently and quickly, knowing that we will look at each case individually on its merits. You will also have direct access to our experienced mortgage underwriting team when you need it. We don't rely on computers to make decisions for us we want to say yes!

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

All Products           0.37% (including transfers/renewing on maturity)

All information correct as at 30/05/2019

All Products            0.35% (including transfers/renewing on maturity)

All information correct as at 30/05/2019

Reasons to use the Beverley Building Society:

  • No credit scoring
  • Manual underwriting
  • Later Life Mortgages including RIO
  • Interest Only Mortgages
  • No maximum age
  • Self-Build Mortgages
  • 95% FTB Mortgages and Family Assist
  • Guarantors
  • Joint mortgage sole proprietor
  • Self-Employed
  • Online application system

Flexible Underwriting

The Society recognises that each mortgage application is different and should be looked at on individual merit and affordability. Sometimes income can be complicated particularly if your clients are self-employed or have income from numerous sources, so we take the time to make sensible judgements on such cases.


We pride ourselves on assessing applications through sensible underwriting and a flexible approach to secure lending. Please contact us to discuss your clients’ needs and we will give you a quick decision.

In order to submit applications to the Society you will have to be listed on the Financial Services Register of Mortgage Intermediaries.

Register with us Online via our intermediary section on our website where you will find all the information and downloads you need and submit applications immediately using our simple application process:

If you require an agreement in principle or a broker ESIS, please email us with full details of the enquiry at [email protected] or call us on 01482 881510.

Beverley Building Society
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Head of Lending:
Graham Carter 01482 310320

Mortgage Managers:
Annette Wright: 01482 310322
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Jessica Briggs: 01482 884861