Coventry for intermediaries

At Coventry for intermediaries we pride ourselves on our simple and straightforward approach.

For over ten years, our pledges have demonstrated our commitment to intermediaries. We really are dedicated to providing award-winning services to you and your customers every step of the way.

And that’s why we give you 2 BDMs - one in the field and one on the phone. To find out who your BDMs are, use our BDM Finder.

We pay proc fees of 0.3% on both residential and Buy to Let product transfers. And we support portfolio landlords with a clear Interest Coverage Ratio, recognising one size doesn’t fit all.

For more information about us, visit or call on 0800 121 7788 (available Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm).

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

Residential   0.43%
Buy to let      0.43% 
All product transfers    0.30%

All information correct as at 21/01/2019

Residential  0.40% 
Buy to let     0.40%
All product transfers   0.28%

All information correct as at 21/01/2019

Ported products pay full fee


The Coventry for intermediaries - committed to your cases and your customers

As an adviser you're an integral part of the business at the Coventry for intermediaries - and one they value highly. As a mutual, they pride themselves on being a responsible and supportive lender, committed to providing competitive products and service you can rely on. Together with their unique pledges, they're dedicated to you, your customers and the intermediary market.

With their efficient systems and lending criteria, their team of field-based and telephone Business Development Managers are ready to support you with your day-to-day business. Whether you need assistance with an initial sales enquiry, have specific questions relating to their lending policy, or need an update on a case in progress, their experienced team of specialists are ready to help.


For more information, visit their website or call 0800 121 7788 (available Monday to Friday 9.00am to  5.00pm).


Intermediary Support Team
The Coventry for intermediaries
PO Box 139
High Street

Sending documentation: Please use their document upload facility to provide scanned copies of documentation.

For enquiries

Call: 0800 121 7788
(Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm)


Email: [email protected]

Registration process

The company Principal is to contact Intermediary Sales Support on 0800 121 7788 or email full details of the company, FCA number and individuals who are registered to give full mortgage advice to [email protected]