Illness keeping your clients from earning- why wait?


An update from The Exeter​

Article date: 17/06/2019

Regardless of how hard your clients try, one thing they can’t control is their health. When it takes a turn for the worse, whether it’s a virus or something more serious, it isn’t just their health that suffers, it could also be their income.

For the self-employed, or those with limited sick pay provision from their employer, protecting income becomes even more important. It is often the case that they immediately lose some income from day one of any illness they suffer.

To help ease this burden, recommend an income protection plan from The Exeter.

Simple and flexible
Their range of income protection offers simple, high quality cover that you can tailor to meet your clients’ needs.

Cover from day 1
Unlike most other providers, The Exeter give you the chance to cover your client’s income from the first day of illness.

Affordability options
You can select from a range payment periods (2 year, 5 year or full term) to help manage premium costs making cover affordable, even for customers with limited budgets.

To find out more about income protection from The Exeter, register for a one-to-one webinar today.

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