Introducing The Third Issue Of The Landbay National Rent Review


​From Landbay

Article date: 18/12/2018


Through a geographic lens, our report will take you through the driving forces of the UK rental market, including key changes from a macro and micro perspective, using the latest industry data, developed by mortgage market analysts, MIAC.

The Landbay National Rent Review provides investors and landlords with a discerning overview of the 2018 rental market. This year, alongside an outlined summary of the most significant trends to impact the sector, we zoom-in to evaluate the revolution in regional rental growth, including some of the fastest-growing areas in the UK. From a wide-angled glance at the ‘National Picture’ to an in-depth analytical breakdown by bedroom number, our report interprets the triumphs and challenges in the buy-to-let market and looks forward to what’s in store for the year ahead.

Download the full report to learn more about:

  • 2018: Driving Forces
  • The Rental Market – The National Picture
  • Bedroom Barometer – Rents by No. of Beds
  • The Regional Revolution – UK Top-Spots
  • 2019: Outlook
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