Key Partnerships

Key Partnerships provide an equity release referral service with one of the UK's leading equity release specialists, Key Retirement. Key Partnerships is the market-leading referral service for the UK’s number one equity release specialist, Key Retirement, who arrange around 30% of all Equity Release Council approved plans in the UK.


Key Partnerships provide a market-leading referral service for over 8,000 advisers. They firmly believe that a straightforward, transparent, supportive and independent approach to giving advice is what provides customers with the best possible outcome. In fact, over 94% of their business is conducted through face-to-face appointments, which is unique in our industry.

Why choose them?
Refer to Key Partnerships and you will receive the following benefits:

  • A generous commission paid on completion of each case – the average payaway per completed case was £1,341 in 2017.
  • They take full compliance responsibility for all of the equity release advice they provide.
  • Access to special offers and preferential terms.
  • Regular updates regarding new products, providers and innovations.
  • Confidence in knowing they search the whole of the market for the best plan for each of your customers.
  • Dedicated support over the phone, face-to-face and through email.
  • Exclusive online tools.
They guarantee to keep you updated throughout your customers' case, allowing you to be involved as little, or as much as you like. You can either take a backseat and let them take care of the work, or attend your customers’ appointments, working closely with their specialist advisers.

Contact & Enquiries

  Call: 0800 138 1663 


  Email: [email protected]


Key Partnerships
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