Specialist Lending

The second charge mortgage market in 2017 was over £1bn having grown 17% since 2016.   With the market expected to only continue this upward trend we’ve created this hub to ensure you have all the resource tools available to recognise the opportunities and handle referrals with confidence.

There are any number of reasons why your customer may require a second charge.  The case studies below from each of the master brokers provides more insight into both the expected and unusual scenarios where a second charge could be a solution.

PMS have ensured that we provide you with choice in how you handle your second charge enquiries:-

​Direct to Lender

Our expanding direct to lender proposition provides you with access to leading lenders in the second charge market.

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Master Broker Packaging Service

PMS have chosen two mater brokers who can provide packaging services for you – Positive Lending and Promise Solutions. Using a master broker packaging service provides you with access to all lenders in the second charge market and experienced staff to guide you through the application process. Responsibility for the advice will remain with yourself but the administration work will be handled seamlessly by the master brokers staff.

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Master Broker Referral Service

PMS have chosen three master broker partners for you to refer your customers too – Enterprise Finance, Positive Lending and Promise Solutions. Click on each of the logos below to find out more about each of the firms and their second charge offering. Responsibility for the advice once you’ve referred your customer remains with your chosen master broker partner.

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