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One Family

OneFamily is one of the largest mutuals in the UK, serving around one in 12 families, with more than £7.4 billion of assets under management. Their aim is to help families who want to help each other meet the financial demands of modern life.

They're developing new products and services to meet those demands, including their new range of lifetime mortgages.

As a mutual they're a member-owned business, meaning instead of paying shareholders a dividend, they invest more in the things that matter most to their customers.

Proc Fees

Product Gross Net
Fee Min Max Fee Min Max
All Products 2.5% £500 £10,000 2.3% £475 £9,200


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*Please select that you are a PMS Mortgage Club member when registering, placing business or checking existing payment route to ensure you receive the procuration fee quoted by PMS.


OneFamily have products suitable for customers who:

  • Are aged 55-100
  • Have power of attorney
  • Are tenants in common
  • Have no CCJs
  • Like the idea of paying off the debt, but can't commit to regular payments
  • Have concerns about rolled up interest eroding the equity in their property
  • Understand and are comfortable with a variable interest rate (where they choose this option)
  • Have family who are concerned about the impact of roll up in their inheritance
  • Maximum loan £750,000
  • Are looking for an interest only loan and see avoiding the impact of interest roll up as a top priority
  • Want to continue borrowing in retirement and can't continue with their current interest only borrowing with their mainstream lender
  • Are looking for discipline in regular monthly payments to service the interest and may be used to service mortgages
  • Are looking to help their children with a deposit for a house purchase where the child would like to help service the interest on the loan
  • Fixed ERCs

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