The current buy-to-let mortgage market is fast-paced and subject to change at very short notice, which makes operating as an adviser in this sector more demanding than it has ever been before. It can be challenging to find appropriate schemes for your clients and you may benefit from the assistance of a buy-to-let specialist such as TBMC.

You can benefit from TBMC’s experience and specialist services by dealing through one of its focused buy-to-let teams, whose in-depth knowledge of lenders and their criteria will undoubtedly help you to operate more effectively in the buy-to-let market. They will provide you with the comprehensive product and technical information you need to enable you to make informed recommendations for your clients.

A specialist distributor can be especially helpful when trying to place more complex buy-to-let cases such as those involving multi-unit properties, limited company applications, expat clients or unusual circumstances that won’t fit with a high street lender.

A specialist distributor such a TBMC can also provide you with access to lenders that are not on the main PMS lender panel and therefore provide more options and potentially better deals for your clients.


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Specialist knowledge and experience

Our experienced team have the latest buy-to-let mortgage products available at their fingertips. We also offer valuable knowledge on our lenders criteria, ensuring the best possible outcome for your clients.

You can expect:

  • Specialist knowledge
  • Whole of market offering
  • Access to a buy-to-let mortgage sourcing system
  • Online application form for easy case submission
  • Exclusive products not available on the high street
  • Competitive procuration fees

Our buy-to-let lenders offer:

  • 85% LTV available
  • HMOS and multi-unit blocks
  • Limited companies, limited liability partnerships and trusts
  • Portfolio landlords
  • First time landlords
  • First time buyers
  • Expats and foreign nationals
  • Holiday lets
  • Day one re-mortgages

Our free buy-to-let mortgage sourcing system sits right at the heart of our proposition, connecting intermediaries and landlords with the most suitable product for their client’s need.

  • Whole of market mortgage searches
  • Rental calculator to see which products fit your client's requirements
  • Flexible filters to narrow your search including:
      - Tax status
      - Portfolio lending
      - Limited companies
      - HMOs
      - Student tenants
      - Ex-council properties
      - Expats
  • An online application form

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