Family Building Society

The Family Building Society was launched back in 2014 specifically to help families work together to use their money and their assets more successfully. The costs of buying a first home are having a major impact on younger family members, while older family members are seeking help in planning their finances in later life. Caught in the middle is a sandwich generation who want to help both but have their own retirement plans to address. The Family Building Society is here to help you with your customers' 21st century mortgage needs.​​

Procuration Tables

Gross fee​​ paid by lender​Procuration fee to intermediary
Owner/ occupier         0.42%    (£180 min)
Family mortgage         0.57%    (£265.50 min)
Offset / buy to let        0.52%    (£234.00 min)
Retirement lifestyle mortgage    0.37%
Further Advance         0.27%
Product Transfer         0.22%

All information correct as at 12/12/2018
Owner/ occupier         0.40%    (£180 min)
Family mortgage         0.55%    (£265.50 min)
Offset / buy to let        0.50%    (£234.00 min)
Retirement lifestyle mortgage    0.37%
Further Advance         0.25%
Product Transfer         0.20%

All information correct as at 12/12/2018


For information on the range of mortgage products, including Owner Occupier, Buy to Let, and the following areas visit the Family Building Society website:

  • Family Mortgage – brings wider family wealth into the mortgage calculation, helping reduce the cost for the buyer without asking family members to hand assets over as a gift.
  • Retirement Lifestyle Booster mortgage – to provide practical help for customers who are 60 or over and whose finances could do with a boost each and every month
  • Offset Mortgage - for people wanting to make better use of their savings while keeping their money available for other purposes
  • Self-employed (1 year self-assessment)
  • Lending into and in retirement (mortgage term may be limited)
  • Interest only (with suitable repayment strategy)
  • Guarantor mortgage
  • Holiday home
  • Second home
  • Expatriate mortgage
  • Armed forces

Submitting an application
No need to register in advance. The Family Building Society will register your details on receipt of your first application.

Their operational efficiency and financial strength allow them to offer consistently competitive products and deliver a professional and personal service to their business partners.

Family Building Society manually underwrite using a “common sense” approach. They're able to provide individual and bespoke solutions to borrowers’ needs rather than lend through a “one size fits all” check box mentality.

They offer:

  • High quality, reliable service
  • Dedicated underwriting department
  • Personalised lending decisions. Credit check rather than credit score.
  • Competitive procuration fees
  • No linked products
  • No overhanging ERCs
  • Mortgage Desk available Monday to Thursday – 8.00am to 6.00pm; Friday – 8.00am to 5.30pm; and Saturday - 9.00am to 12.00pm.


Family Building Society
Ebbisham House
30 Church Street
Epsom, Surrey
KT17 4NL

​​F​​​​or enquires

Call: 01372 744155
Fax: 01372 745607
Email: mortg[email protected]

​Regist​ration process

Call 01372 744155 to register.