The Stafford Building Society
The Stafford Building Society

The Stafford Building Society

'Knot' your average lender. We've been offering mortgages for over 145 years, lending throughout England and Wales.

We operate from a single site in the center of Stafford, which means there are no call centers.

You will always be able to contact a member of our mortgage team directly and can discuss your quirky cases with an underwriter directly.


Proc Fees

Product Gross
All 0.40%
Product Type When does the lender pay PMS? Frequency
All The month following completion. Monthly.

Lenders send payments by BACS which can take anything up to 5 working days to clear at PMS. PMS then make payment to brokers once the funds have cleared in our account.  


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England and Wales

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*Please select that you are a PMS Mortgage Club member when registering, placing business or checking existing payment route to ensure you receive the procuration fee quoted by PMS.


We specialise in the following areas.

Property and Land 

  • No limits on acreage
  • Occupancy restrictions, agriculture tie and section 106’s
  • Overage clauses
  • Small holdings for personal use
  • Multiple properties on the same title
  • Outbuildings, Annexes
  • DIY liveries, small scale agricultural businesses
  • Knock-throughs, multiple flats into one home
  • Unusual properties and conversions such as B&Bs nursing homes or shop units being converted to residential


  • Employed/Self Employed earned income up to age 75 for certain industries
  • 100% of bonus, commission and overtime used to support affordability
  • Self Employed - latest accounts with steady increasing profits
  • Self Employed - salary and dividends or profit after tax and salary
  • Professionals such as Doctors and Dentists with one year’s accounts
  • Undrawn SIPP income can be used to support affordability subject to investment statements
  • Undrawn investment income, 5% of the managed portfolio can be used to support affordability

Don’t forget - we’ll consider:  

  • Maximum age at the end of mortgage term is 85
  • Day one remortgages
  • Ex-pats returning to the UK