Optimus Conveyancing

Optimus Conveyancing

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Optimus Conveyancing

Game-changing conveyancing panel management for mortgage brokers.

Working with only the top-rated UK conveyancing firms, Optimus Conveyancing is a fixed-price solution, letting you quote and instruct your cases, safe in the knowledge that they will be delivered to the highest standards in the quickest possible timelines.

The portal allocates your referrals through a performance-driven algorithm, meaning your cases are assigned based on other advisers' assessments of solicitors' past performance, as well as solicitor capacity, to encourage greater service standards for your customers.

Plus, you can earn up to £300 for every referral you make.

Optimus Conveyancing offers a smoother, faster and fairer conveyancing platform, which works seamlessly alongside the mortgage application process.

  • Only the best UK conveyancers 
  • Fixed fees for all parties 
  • Exceptional customer service 
  • Real-time updates 
  • Faster quoting and instructing 
  • No completion, no legal fees 

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