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Welcome to Hanley Intermediaries!

With us, you will find support from your dedicated broker helpdesk through phone, email as well as online chat.

We offer a range of mortgages for;

  • Residential (up to 95% LTV including new build houses and flats)
  • Self-Build (direct to broker)
  • Retirement Interest Only (with discounted rates for having an LPA in place)
  • Shared Ownership (up to 95% of share)
  • Buy to Let (first time buyers and first time landlords welcome)

Our criteria is flexible and we look at your client as an individual, not at their credit score. If your applicant is outside of criteria, get in touch!


Proc Fees

Product Gross
Residential 0.35%
BTL 0.40%
Self-Build 0.50%
Product Type When does the lender pay PMS? Frequency
All Within 7 days. Daily.

Lenders send payments by BACS which can take anything up to 5 working days to clear at PMS. PMS then make payment to brokers once the funds have cleared in our account.  

Key Features

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    Flexible criteria - we work with you when your client is outside of our criteria

  • PMS-Tick.png

    We offer up to 95% LTV on new builds (inc. houses, flats & shared ownership)

  • PMS-Tick.png

    No credit scoring - we look at the individual rather than a score

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    Dedicated broker team via phone, email and online chat


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We lend throughout England, Wales and Scotland (with Scottish Islands being on a referral basis).

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Register to place business with Hanley Intermediaries:

*Please select that you are a PMS Mortgage Club member when registering, placing business or checking existing payment route to ensure you receive the procuration fee quoted by PMS.


Here at Hanley Economic, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service combined with competitive mortgage products and flexible criteria.

Every case is underwritten manually, with no credit scoring and timely decision making. We look at your client as an individual, not as a credit score - which allows us to be flexible! 

Our online platform means you can submit applications easily and once you have submitted, you will have direct contact with the case underwriter for personal service.

You can find all our products on our Intermediary home page, along with helpful guides for niche mortgages like self-build and RIO and our criteria sheets too. 

We look forward to working with you!

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