LiveMore know your customers weren’t born yesterday – in fact, they’ve managed their money for decades. 

Thousands of people over 50 can afford a mortgage to live the life they deserve – yet high-street banks often take a short-sighted view, fail to recognise their wealth of life experience and refuse to lend to them. 

LiveMore look beyond age to assess financial circumstances, such as credit history, income, pensions and investments. They believe people are never too old to get a mortgage that’s right for them. 

Proc Fees

Product Gross Net
Fee Min Max Fee Min Max
Standard proc fee (all products)
0.55% 0.52%
Ongoing annual proc fee (all products, for completions where a care call takes place annually, up for a max of 15 years)
0.13% 0.12%
Enhanced proc fee (available on 20 year and fixed for life products)
1.10% 1.05%

Key Features

  • PMS-Tick.png

    Mortgages up to 75% LTV

  • Product terms from 5 years up to Fixed for Life

  • PMS-Tick.png

    Only lender specialising exclusively in mortgages for 50-90+

  • PMS-Tick.png

    Affordability measured on potentially 10x LTI payments



Why Choose Livemore?

Market Leading Criteria

- Mortgages up to 75% LTV 

- Product terms from 5 years through to fixed for life  

- For most loan purposes including; purchase, re-mortgage, debt consolidation and gifting 

- Adverse credit accepted including up to 3 missed mortgage & unsecured payments in 36 months (0 in 6) 

- No maximum age (RIO) 

- No early repayment charges in the event of death / long term care 

A Fresh Look at Affordability 

- Affordability measured on potentially 10x LTI payments  

- All income, assets & savings considered 

- Use term assurance to bridge gaps  

- Confident they can lend more than others. 

Award Winning Lender 

- Product terms from 5 years through to fixed for life 

- No early repayment charges in the event of death / long term care 

- Payment break of up to 6months available in event of major life event 

Flexible On Property 

- Non-standard properties including properties above and near to semi commercial, retirement homes, flat roof with no restriction, non-standard construction, listed buildings and many more considered.  

‘Our Service’ 

- Only lender specialising exclusively in mortgages for 50-90+ 

- Dedicated access to LiveMore underwriters 

- Straightforward and fast mortgage application platform 

Earn while you support 

- Choose from LiveMore’s unique to the market Procuration Fees – 0.55%gross upfront plus and additional 0.13%gross every year thereafter for 15years with LiveMore’s Ongoing Procuration Fee  

or 1.10%gross upfront available on 20year and Fixed for Life products with LiveMore’s Enhanced Procuration fee (as long as the annual care call to the customer is made on both instances). 

What Type Of Customers Can Livemore Help?

LiveMore’s range of mortgage products enables a wide variety of customers, in very different situations, to live their later life to the full. 

These customers include: 

End of term 

- Customers who are stuck on a high interest rate and no longer meet the criteria of their existing lender. They are sometimes called mortgage prisoners. 

Debt consolidation 

- Customers who see an opportunity to reduce existing monthly payments and increase disposable income through the consolidation of existing debts. 

Bank of Mum and Dad 

- Customers who want to help their children or grandchildren with financial support to get on the housing ladder, pay off student loans, etc. 

Purchasing a home 

- Borrowers over 50 who aspire to buy their dream home or second home, who can benefit from a human approach to underwriting. 

Home improvements 

- Customers who want to update their existing property, who can free up funds with an Interest Only mortgage. 

Inheritance Tax 

- Customers looking to take a mortgage and then use / gift the proceeds to reduce the amount of family tax that might be due in the future.

Please note, LiveMore currently only lend in England, Scotland & Wales.

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