At LiveMore, we’re proud to bring a ‘can-do’ approach to lending.

We welcome all kinds of income including pensions or rent income, investments, savings, salary and more

We offer a broad range of mortgages from interest only to capital repayment. We’ll lend up to 85% LTV, with terms they can flex over time.

We also promise premium service from real humans who care – even in ‘not-your-average' cases. Let’s work together to try to say yes to your 50-90+ clients.

Proc Fees

Product Gross Net
Fee Min Max Fee Min Max
Standard proc fee (all products)
0.55% 0.52%
Ongoing annual proc fee (all products, for completions where a care call takes place annually, up for a max of 15 years)
0.13% 0.12%

Key Features

  • PMS-Tick.png                 All incomes welcome


    • PMS-Tick.png                ‘Can-do’ approach


  • PMS-Tick.png                  Wide range of products



Why Choose Livemore?

All incomes welcome

- To give you maximum borrowing power

Wide range of products

- From capital repayment to interest only

Can-do approach

- We promise you premium service from real humans who care about not-your-average cases

What Type of Clients Can LiveMore Help?

We can help in all cases when your client is aged 50-90+, but here are some of the scenarios we see most often.


  • End of term – sometimes called mortgage prisoners, these clients are stuck on a high interest rate and no longer meet the criteria of their existing lenders.
  • Debt consolidation – clients who see an opportunity to reduce existing monthly payments and increase disposable income
  • Bank of Mum and Dad – clients who want to help their children or grandchildren with financial support to get on the housing ladder or pay off student loans etc.
  • Purchasing a home – they aspire to buying their dream home or second home and can benefit from our human approach to underwriting.
  • Home improvements – clients who want to update their existing property can free up funds with our mortgages.
  • Inheritance Tax – clients looking to take a mortgage and then use / gift the proceeds to reduce the amount of family tax that might be due in the future.


Contact us on 0203 011 4991

Or Email [email protected] where one of the team will be happy to assist you.


It’s a quick and easy process.  Click here to get started.



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