PMS General Insurance Commission

Commission Structure

Provider Product  Commission
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Standard Home Insurance (B&C), 
Landlord’s Insurance (B&C), 
Specialist Policies Ranges between 10% to 25%
Commercial Insurance Ranges between 5% to 10%
Products sold via referral 17.5%
Legal & General Home Insurance Choices, Simply Home Insurance, Landlords Insurance (B&C), Lifestyle Cover (short term income protection) 27.5%
Uinsure Standard Home Insurance 27.5%
Landlord Insurance 25%
Non standard Home Insurance  25%
Non Standard Home Insurance Referral Up to 15%
Commercial Insurance Up to 15%
Home (B&C) sold via referral Up to 17.5%
CETA "On Panel" Products 20%
"Off Panel" / Specialist Products 17.5%