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CHL Mortgages

CHL Mortgages is a specialist buy-to-let lender, lending within England and Wales. We lend to Individuals and Limited Companies/LLPs to finance a wide range of currently lettable properties including houses, flats, shared accommodation, new builds, houses in multiple occupation (HMO), multi-unit freehold blocks (MUFB), and short term lets (for holiday let/serviced accommodation purposes).
We also offer a range of refurbishment buy-to-let products, which includes lending on properties which are not currently lettable. We welcome first time landlords right through to experienced portfolio landlords.

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Key Features

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    Portfolio Landlords - no maximum number of Properties in the background

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    We lend to Individuals, Complex Limited Company structures, Trading Companies and LLPs

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     HMOs, Multi Unit Blocks and shared accommodation.

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    Refurbishment products - No need to bridge, no need to switch!



CHL Mortgages commenced buy-to-let lending in 1996, and has extensive experience in the more specialist and complex end of this market.Lender-InfoBoxWhite

Post Code Restrictions: CHL Mortgages lends in mainland England and Wales, and the Isle of Wight.

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Register to place business with CHL Mortgages:

*Please select that you are a PMS Mortgage Club member when registering, placing business or checking existing payment route to ensure you receive the procuration fee quoted by PMS.

The principal, or authorised admin deputy, should register the firm, and can then add other users as appropriate.



Our criteria is extremely flexible, for example, we can consider:

  • A Blended ICR, allowing higher rate taxpayer a more generous ICR when applying with a lower rate taxpayer.
  • Up to 4 applicants.
  • Complex Limited Company structures, whilst accepting Directors Loans and Inter-Company Loans.
  • HMOs up to 10 bedrooms.
  • Multi Unit Freehold Blocks with up to 10 self-contained units in the block.
  • Short Term Lets (Holiday Lets or Serviced apartments).
  • Refurbishment of Buy To Let properties, including Light Refurbishment, EPC Improvement, and Cosmetic Improvement products. 

Day One Remortgages, based on the market value, rather than the purchase price, where the uplift is explained by works/changes to the property/title.
Capital Raising available for any legal purpose except for Tax Liabilities (excluding CGT/IHT), Gambling Debts/Consumer BTL purposes, and non property related Business Purposes.

  • Ex local Authority properties including deck/balcony access.
  • Properties above/adjacent to commercial (excluding food outlets/noisy/flammable).
  • First time Landlords.
  • Minor Adverse.
  • Studio Flats from 30sqm.
  • Local Authority and Corporate leases, upon prior referral.
  • Shared accommodation available on our standard (i.e. non HMO) products, where an HMO licence is not required.


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