Unum is a leading employee benefits provider offering financial protection through the workplace including; Income Protection, Life Insurance, Critical Illness cover and Dental cover. At the end of 2020, Unum protected 1.6 million people in the UK and paid claims of £360 million - representing £7 million a week in benefits to our customers - providing security and peace of mind to individuals and their families. 

PMS preferential rates are now available via our online quote, buy and policy servicing portal, UnumOnline. Register for the service or arrange a demo via your dedicated Unum Consultant by emailing [email protected].



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[email protected] - the health and wellbeing app from Unum

Critical Illness cover from Unum

How Unum's Dental cover works

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Key Features

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    Flexible commission (between 0 - 30% of annual premium paid monthly or annually)

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    Increased Free Cover Levels on selected products

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    3 year rate guarantees

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    5% discounts for payment by Direct Debit Mandate


Our products

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  • Air crew
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Ambulance crew
  • Dealing with asbestos, nuclear, explosive materials or firearms
  • Entertainers
  • Firefighters
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Offshore
  • Police or armed forces
  • Professional sports people
  • Ships crew
  • Underground or underwater working

Unum Videos

[email protected] – The Health and Wellbeing App from Unum
Introducing UnumOnline
How Unum’s Dental Cover Work

Key Features

  • Flexible commission (between 0 - 30% of annual premium paid monthly or annually)
  • Increased Free Cover Levels on selected products
  • 3-year rate guarantees 
  • 5% discounts for payment by Direct Debit Mandate

Our products 

Group Income Protection (GIP): Provides a financial benefit and rehabilitation support if an employee is unable to work because of long-term illness or injury. Benefits are normally based on an employee’s earnings with options available to meet the employer’s specific needs and budget. And available at no cost to policyholders, [email protected] offers insured employees fast, direct access to six high quality health and wellbeing support services through one easy-to-use app – including remote GPs, mental health support, physiotherapy and EAP.

Through our partnership with PMS we also offer Free Cover Levels up to £70,000 and initial lump sum payments of up to £3,000.

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Group Life Insurance: Provides employees with peace of mind and a tax-free lump sum to their loved ones in the event of their untimely death. There’s also access at no cost to a range of valuable support services to help out right now, not just when the worst happens – including [email protected], Unum’s award winning health and wellbeing support app, and Cancer Assist*. Provided by cancer support experts Reframe, Cancer Assist offers Group Life policyholders in-the-moment guidance from an experienced team of client navigators who can help at any stage of the cancer journey.

And through our partnership with PMS we offer enhanced Free Cover Levels of up to £600,000, as well as access to our Registered and Excepted Master Trusts.

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Group Critical Illness cover: Provides employees with a tax-free lump sum after they, their spouse or partner (if covered) or children (up to the age of 18 or 21 if in full-time education) survive one of the defined medical conditions (such as stroke, heart attack or cancer) or undergo a surgical procedure covered under the policy and survives for 14 days.

Employers and employees also have access to a range of support services at no cost, including [email protected] (including EAP) and Unum's Cancer Pathway. This includes our Cancer Support Service provided by Reframe*, offering quick and easy access to personalised cancer support upon diagnosis, at no additional charge for insured employees.

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Dental cover: from Unum provides reimbursement towards the cost of both routine and complex procedures including cover for pre-existing conditions (except for mouth cancer) and provides worldwide cover. 

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[email protected] at no additional cost for all Unum GIP policyholders, as well as Group Cl and Life policyholders: 

Access for employees and their families to six health and wellbeing support services through one easy-to-use app*.

  • Remote GPs: An unlimited amount of video consultations that last up to 20 minutes. Aiming to get people seen by UK-based doctors all day, every day 
  • Mental health support: Access to an assigned therapist when it's needed most and typically delivered via video consultation (8 consultations per annum including assessments)
  • Physiotherapy: Access to a network of physiotherapists with treatment plans usually delivered via video consultation (8 consultations per annum including assessments)
  • Medical second opinions: Consultations with UK-based private consultants - following a final diagnosis (2 consultations per annum).
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP): Offering advice on a range of life and work issues, including financial, legal and family concerns, plus a confidential 24/7 helpline
  • Unum’s Wellbeing Calendar: Webinars and podcasts covering lifestyle, physical, emotional, and financial topics

* Remote GP, mental health support, physiotherapy and medical second opinion services are provided by Square Health Ltd via the [email protected] app. The Employee Assistance Programme is provided by LifeWorks. 

Access to these services is facilitated by Unum at no cost to you. Unum is not the provider of the services but can withdraw or change the services at any time. The services are entirely separate from any insurance policy provided by Unum and are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant third-party specialists. There is no additional cost or increase in premium as a result of Unum making this benefit available. 

Exclusive terms for PMS advisors:

PMS and Zenith panel members have access to the exclusive Unum Partnership Terms. These terms are only for our Group Income Protection, Life Insurance and Critical Illness products and have been designed for policies with 3 - 100 employee policies in mind.  

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Dedicated support from Unum:

Our dedicated team of Unum Consultants already work with PMS advisors across the country, helping to explain all of our products and services. Our consultants can also help with:

Joint client visits - Data driven market insight (including 'propensity to buy' modelling)

Marketing and pitching materials such as bespoke website copy, presentations and internal communications support

Simply email [email protected] and one of the team will be in contact at the earliest opportunity.

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