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Newbury Building Society builds trusted relationships by working in partnership with their Intermediary contacts and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.

Lending across England and Wales on most products, Newbury Building Society is flexible in its lending approach and understands the importance of an individual and tailored review of each and every application.

A dedicated help desk is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, meaning you can speak to someone who can assess your inquiry on an individual basis with no credit scoring. All types of income are considered and we specialise in helping clients with unusual or complex borrowing requirements or situations.

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Proc Fees

Product Gross Net
Fee Min Max Fee Min Max
All Products 0.42% £125 £3,500 0.4% £125 £3,500
Product Transfers 0.20% 0.18%

Key Features

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    Contactable via email, telephone and online instant chat

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    No credit scoring

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    All types of income are considered

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    Tailored underwriting with each case individually considered

Product Type When does the lender pay PMS? Frequency

Cases completed between 1st - 15th paid same month.

Cases completed between 16th - 31st paid following month.


Lenders send payments by BACS which can take anything up to 5 working days to clear at PMS. PMS then make payment to brokers once the funds have cleared in our account.  


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For standard residential, Shared Ownership and Help to Buy we lend throughout England and Wales.

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Register to place business with Newbury Building Society:

*Please select that you are a PMS Mortgage Club member when registering, placing business or checking existing payment route to ensure you receive the procuration fee quoted by PMS.


Newbury Building Society understands one size doesn’t fit all. We can help clients looking for a mortgage, even when they don't necessarily tick the typical high-street boxes: 

Residential: fixed, variable and interest-only options, available across England and Wales. Newbury can help with split terms, split repayment types and joint owner – sole proprietor.

Shared Ownership and Help to Buy Equity Loan: available up to 95% LTV on new build flats and houses across England and Wales.

Buy-to-let: Regulated, consumer, limited company, ex-pat and holiday products available for purchase and re-mortgage. Newbury also looks at the applicant’s financial situation and can take surplus income into account if the rental coverage doesn’t work (top-slice).

Self-build: Lending up to 66% of the land value, with planning permission in place, and up to 75% during the build phase. Funds are releases in stages, between two and six stages. Modern methods of construction, unusual properties and renovations are also considered.

Foreign currency income loans: Newbury considers applications where income/or the asset to repay the loan is in foreign currencies (including Euros, Australian Dollars and Hong Kong dollars). 100% of the converted income is used for affordability.

Self-employed, freelancers and day-one contractors: Self-employed persons with less than 3 years accounts considered, flexible approach to self-employed, will look at net profits plus directors remuneration (will also look at retained profit). Day contractors considered based on day rate of an average 48 week of the year. Fixed term contracts considered, CIS contractors treated as employed.




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