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Swansea Building Society
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Swansea Building Society

Welcome to the Swansea Building Society lender page.

We are a Regional Building Society based in South Wales covering Wales and England.

Established in 1923 we are an old fashioned lender who manually underwrite all cases and do not credit score.

We apply a personal, tailored and common sense approach to lending with no computer say no mentality.

Key Features

Proc Fees

Product Gross Net
All Products 0.37% 0.35%
Product Type When does the lender pay PMS? Frequency
All On receipt of completion notice. Daily.

Lenders send payments by BACS which can take anything up to 5 working days to clear at PMS. PMS then make payment to brokers once the funds have cleared in our account.  


Post Code Restrictions: Lender-InfoBoxWhite

Cases over 80% LTV = Wales & Welsh Borders only (SY, WR, GL, HR & BS post codes)

Cases for self build / renovation mortgage products = Wales & Welsh Borders only (SY, WR, GL, HR & BS post codes)

All other products available across Wales and England

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Register to place business with Swansea Building Society:

*Please select that you are a PMS Mortgage Club member when registering, placing business or checking existing payment route to ensure you receive the procuration fee quoted by PMS.


We specialise in mortgages for the self employed (we look at what income can they take including retained earnings etc), small holdings (even with acreage, multiple properties, businesses run from the property, agricultural restrictions etc), self builds / renovations*, lending in & into retirement, bridging mortgages at residential rates, buy to let & holiday lets (we allow top slicing and Airbnb income), flats over commercial, premises and we can have up to 4 applicants on one application including guarantor mortgages. 

We have 10 front line mortgage managers and each broker will be allocated one dedicated team consisting of a front line manager and assistant manager to look after them.

They are available whenever you need to speak to someone offering a dedicated relationship management model to make your life easier.