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Product transfers - what's the opportunity?


2022 sees a significant increase in the opportunity for re-finance as the number of deals that are coming to an end during the year is up 18% on 2021 and worth a huge £328bn.

The largest individual month is January with nearly £40bn rolling off, with other spikes in April, June, September, and October.

In 2022, there will be c550,000 First Time Buyers coming to the end of their mortgage for the first time, which equates to £72bn, and all of these customers will be looking for advice and support from you.

Our product transfer grid is a quick reference guide that gives you information that will allow you to keep ahead and contact your customers before their existing product comes to an end.

Make the most of this re-mortgage and product transfer opportunity with the tools and templates below.

Why not take this opportunity to review their protection and GI too? This is a great way to keep in touch with your customer regularly.

*Source: CACI’s Mortgage Market Database

Overall 2022 product
transfer figure is


Source: CACI’s Mortgage Market Database

Stay one step ahead with our exclusive lender Product Transfer Criteria Grid

Our lender Product Transfer Criteria Grid is designed to provide you with insight as to when lenders will be contacting your customers about their existing mortgage product which should allow you to be ahead of the game.

Hints and tips

Re-engaging with existing customers can be a challenge, especially if you don’t keep in regular contact with them throughout the term of their mortgage. To help make these conversations easier, here are our hints and tips:

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Add an existing customer page to your website

Let your existing customers know that you’re here for them throughout the lifespan of their mortgage, not just to facilitate the purchase of the first product, by having a dedicated area to them on your website. Here you could include an overview of the services you can provide when the product comes to an end, and the benefits of re-engaging with you to find the best deal across the market, rather than working directly with their existing lender.

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Offer six-monthly reviews

Six-monthly reviews gives you the opportunity to keep in-touch with your existing customers twice a year, while also positioning yourself as the expert on their mortgage when their initial product expires. These could be delivered via email and discuss any market changes, provide a review of house prices in their area, or provide a snapshot of key demographics in the area and how these correlate to income and household size.

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Know your customer

Knowing when your customers’ products are coming to an end will make it much easier to contact them in a timely and effective way. For each new mortgage you facilitate, try adding a diary note to your online calendar with the details of who you need to contact and when.

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Keep in regular contact with your customers

From newsletters to birthday and holiday greetings cards, there are a number of ways that you can keep in-touch with your customers throughout the year, to ensure that when their term comes to an end, you’re top-of-mind to help them take their next step.

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Know your lenders

By knowing when lenders are reaching out to your customers to renew their mortgages directly, you can stay one step ahead and make sure that you reach out first. Your customers value your position as the expert, and your access to products and offers across the market. You can use our product transfer criteria grids to see how and when lenders are contacting your customers, and approach accordingly.

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Keep in-touch for protection and ancillary services

You can add more value for your customers than just a mortgage sale. By talking about protection and ancillary services, you have a reason to keep in-touch with your customers throughout their initial fixed-term, so that they feel they have truly benefited from a truly valuable relationship with you when they come to renew their product.

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Think about how you can engage

Keeping your existing customers engaged doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. There are a number of simple but effective channels you could use to keep in-touch. You could try sending greeting cards at key touch-points in the year like birthdays and holidays, or creating a quarterly customer newsletter to deliver via email with your logo and latest news and insights included. You could even look into services like white-labelled magazines like Moneyworks, to provide your customers with high-quality insights.

Tools and templates

Re-engagement letter

This re-engagement letter is ready to customise and print or email directly to your customers.

Quarterly newsletter

Rebrand this newsletter template and start providing your customers with high-value insights and expertise on a regular basis.

Email signature

Download this white-label email signature which is designed to promote your services for existing customers.

Social media cards

Don’t forget to make the most of social media using our templated image cards that you can rebrand or post as they are.