LV= is a forward thinking, leading financial services organisation with a long history of providing the right products and services to help people protect the things they love in life whether that's protecting themselves, their dependants, or their cherished possessions. 

Our aim is to help you protect your clients.


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LV Flexible Protection Plan - understanding our menu proposition


We recognise that life isn’t straightforward, people are different and that circumstances and needs change.  We offer a range of products and features designed to cater for specific markets and common individual requirements.

Traditional income protection - aimed at clients in low risk jobs this is full of great features, including parent and child cover, fracture cover (paying up to £2,200 a year), death benefit, an unemployment premium payment holiday and rehab support services - all of which are included at no additional cost. We also offer specialist features for medical professionals and a choice of waiting periods for doctors, surgeons and teachers.

Personal Sick Pay – income protection designed for clients in higher risk occupations (such as manual and trades jobs) and those who are more difficult to insure (such as the self-employed). We include Personal Sick Pay with our menu plan, unlike some others.

Budget versions – offers all the same great quality cover as the full plans above, but with a limited pay-out periods. This can help those with limited affordability and significantly reduce the cover cost.

Critical illness partial additional payments and enhanced payments 
For specified conditions. Supporting clients financially from certain conditions, such as the onset of lifelong neurological conditions at an early age. 

Life insurance offers early payment on death - pays up to £10,000 to help families deal with bereavement cover unexpected costs. We make the process as easy as possible by asking just a few basic questions - and aim to pay the money within 24 hours. Please note; terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Please speak to your LV= Account Manager for more information.

Business Protection - includes special features to support the needs of small businesses and dedicated adviser tools, including an online trust tool which simplifies the process of writing policies in trust. As well as our unique LV= Business Care, which provides free legal and tax advice by phone.

An enhanced protection menu proposition - with all LV= protection products under one wrapper, advisers can tailor single and packaged solutions to their individual and business clients, whether its income protection, critical illness, life insurance. 

Pre-Underwriting tool: to manage your client’s expectations
If your clients have a previous or existing medical condition, you can access our pre-underwriting tool through Fastway, helping you (and your clients) to understand our underwriting decisions. You can check many different conditions and in most cases, we will provide indicative decision 24/7. And if you need to speak to one of underwriting team, our dedicated underwriters are available outside of normal office hours.

Value added benefits that standout 
Every client who takes out protection with LV= automatically becomes a member. They’re given exclusive member benefits, including access to free support services from day one. 

LV= Doctors Services - is automatically included with all LV= personal protection at no added cost, giving your clients fast and convenient access to six confidential expert medical services:

  • Remote GP
  • Prescription Services
  • Second Opinion support
  • Remote Physiotherapy
  • Remote Psychological Services
  • Discounted Health MOTs

This is a non-contractual benefit and can be changed or removed at anytime.

Member Care Line, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offering expert support on health, wellbeing, counselling and legal advice

LV= Business Care is a free advice service for business protection clients that includes access to solicitors specialising in commercial law, including employment, health and safety, commercial risk and contract law. LV= Business Care also includes a business tax and VAT advice line

LV= Doctor Services, LV= Member Benefits, and LV= Business Care are provided by third party companies. These services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority.

LV= Fastway: making it quicker and easier to put cases on risk     
LV= Fastway is our interactive quote and apply system that’s quick and easy to use. Reflexive questioning means we only ask what’s needed for each client, meaning more instant decisions and helping your members recommend quality cover quickly. 

High straight through rates 

Flexible application process

  • Save quotes and go back to them at any time
  • See instant decisions and partially underwritten quotes
  • View all applications in one simple dashboard
  • Fill in the sections in the order that suits you and your client

Reflexive questioning improves your client’s experience and ensures disclosures are captured straightaway
Fastway is optimised for devices, which allows you to write business on the move, by tablet or smart phone

Geographical/Postcode restriction or other important note before advisers go through application process

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