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Legal & General Home Finance

Legal & General Home Finance is part of the Legal & General Group. Established in 1836, Legal & General is one of the UK's leading financial services groups and a major global investor.  Since launching in 2015, we've helped over 115,000 customers get a later life mortgage & have lent over £6.4bn.




Proc Fees

Product Gross Net
Initial Advance 3% 2.85%
Further Advance Refer to Lender
Drawdown Refer to Lender
Retirement Interest Only 0.55% 0.50%
All information correct at 11/01/2024


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Why choose Legal & Geneal Home Finance?


  • We exist to help you have a positive impact on your clients in later life by providing innovative, flexible products and lifelong support.  
  • We offer a recognised brand, breeding confidence and offering stability. 
  • We have a proven track record and multi-award winning products
  • We provide excellent service to advisers and customers with a +77 NPS score +89 NPS for overall satisfaction
  • We offer a comprehensive post-completion support service for your clients, such as a 24x7 free customer assistance line, a care concierge and digital drawdowns

Why should we consider later life lending?

More people are using later life mortgages as part of their retirement planning. This isn’t surprising. A later life mortgage can support your clients’ retirement plans in several ways, e.g providing a more comfortable retirement, or instead of taking income from pensions. This could mitigate income tax and reduce any tax payable on death.
A later life mortgage can help transfer money to children or grandchildren, perhaps to help buy a first home, or even pay off your client's existing mortgage. 
It can act as a backstop in case of unexpected expenses, or be used to fund care costs. It can even help if couples separate or divorce in later life.

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Lending Criteria

Please see below for detailed information about our lending criteria, and how to make the pre-application to completion process easier.

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