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Your Learning Hub

Your Learning Hub is PMS's learning management system developed in partnership with award-winning learning solutions company Brightspace from D2L.

Your Learning Hub is designed to help you improve the way you keep track of CPD by making it easy to record and track your information, search for educational content and to test yourself on your knowledge all the way up to QCF Level 7.

Our library consists of Provider tools, Guides, Calculators, Webinars, Examination modules, Compliance and Regulatory contents to cover a wide range of workplace requirements. New and diverse related articles are added to the library regularly to help you keep up to date in the industry.

With over 4,000 questions to choose from and the added value of being able to request bespoke quizzes. Your Learning Hub is our most comprehensive learning management system yet.

Easy-to-use and packed full of educational content, The Learning Hub can be used by individuals, departments or your entire firm.

Your Learning Hub is available to PMS clients. 

To find out more about how you could benefit by switching to Your Learning Hub, contact your PMS Client Relationship Advisor.

New on Your Learning Hub this month

New courses and learning resources are added to Your Learning Hub every month, so be sure to keep checking back to access the latest content.


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Mortgage Hub: Key Partnerships - Equity Release Lead Generation

Are you looking at ways to generate more equity release leads? Our latest lead generation session has been made available on-demand. During the session Key Partnerships’ Alistair Morrison and Carly Proudfoot will take you through:

-The latest figures from the equity release market
-Types of clients that your business might see
-Marketing channels to think about -5 things to consider for effective lead generation
-Support from Key Partnerships

Go to Course
Development Hub: Data Privacy and AI Data protection is even more important in the age of AI. This module looks at why, and how you can help your organisation keep personal data safe when using AI systems. Go to Course
Development Hub: AI in cyber security With smarter technology, interconnected devices and more remote working in today’s workplace, we can be more at risk of cyber threats. So how does AI increase these risks, and how can it also be used to defend against them? Go to Course
Development Hub: Employee recognition Reward and recognition is a powerful, yet often overlooked, leadership tool. This resource will show you 10 ways to offer powerful praise to your team. Go to Course
Development Hub: Spotlight on Jainism Jainism is one of the oldest religions still practised today. This introductory resource will help you gain a deeper understanding of Jainism including its history, beliefs, traditional practices and much more. Go to Course
Development Hub: Spotlight on Paganism Paganism is an umbrella term covering a wide range of beliefs and practices. This introductory resource will help you gain a deeper understanding of Paganism including its history, beliefs, traditional practices and more. Go to Course
Development Hub: Demonstrating values Do you know the difference between person and professional values? This resource helps you understand what your values may be and how they can help you when leading a team effectively.  Go to Course
Development Hub: How to support revenge porn survivors as an employer Unfortunately, revenge porn is a rising problem. It is crucial that you have plans in place to support employees in the event this happens to them.  Go to Course
Development Hub: Mind your assumptions We live in a world filled with assumptions. So what do these look like and what steps can you take to question your assumptions? Go to Course
Development Hub: Managing generational conflict Everyone has something to offer, regardless of age. This video shows you how to effectively manage generational conflict.  Go to Course
Diversity & Inclusion Hub: Intersectionality in the workplace Intersectionality is the relationship between different protected characteristics such as gender, race, age and disability. What does this mean in the workplace? Find out in this short video. Go to Course
Diversity & Inclusion Hub: Inclusion for all A workplace should feel like a safe and respectful place for anyone. So how can you be a more inclusive co-worker? Go to Course
Diversity & Inclusion Hub: Creating a respectful and inclusive living environment  ‘Home’ doesn’t always mean what you think it does. It can look and feel different for everyone. This module will help you understand what makes a home and highlight the ways you can create an inclusive living environment for all.  Go to Course
Mortgage Hub: Paragon - What is the economic contribution of the private rented sector? A new report,  published by the NRLA and Paragon and produced by leading professional services provider PwC, reveals that small and medium landlords in the private rented sector (PRS) support over 390,000 jobs, both directly and in the wider economy. Go to Course