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Marsden Building Society

Marsden Building Society

Marsden Building Society offers a seamless mortgage experience with a unique focus on Later Life, Expat Residential and Expat Buy to Let.

Their experienced team provides a personalised service and offers a unique approach to underwriting to tackle even the most complex cases.





Proc Fees

Product Gross Net
All Products 0.40% 0.40%
Residential & Expat Residential 0.40%+£25 0.40%
Expat Buy to Let 0.40%+£25 0.40%
Furnished Holiday Lets 0.40%+ £25 0.40%
Retirement Interest Only & Later Life 0.55% +£25 0.55%

Key Features

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    No Credit Scoring

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    Individual Underwriting

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    A range of products to meet your clients' needs

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    Access to decision makers



Post Code Restrictions: Lender-InfoBoxWhite

We do not lend in Scotland or Northern Ireland

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Lending solutions…

Lending Solutions for your Later Life clients

Marsden is a specialist lender that provides later life lending solutions for borrowers aged 55+. They offer two product ranges: Later Life and Retirement Interest Only (RIO) mortgages.

Later Life mortgages work like conventional mortgages but are designed to support clients who are aged 55 and above and looking to borrow during retirement. Repayment and interest-only products are available, and clients can use downsizing as a repayment vehicle. There's no dual affordability on Later Life products.

RIO mortgages are interest-only loans that are specifically designed for homeowners aged over 55 who want to remain in their homes and have no plans to downsize. Clients will need to be able to afford the monthly interest payments throughout the mortgage term, but they won’t pay back the loan itself until a life event occurs, such as going into long-term care or passing away.

Lending Solutions for your Expat clients

The Expat Residential range from Marsden is specially designed to meet the requirements of UK nationals who are currently living overseas and have family members residing in England or Wales. This mortgage solution allows expats to provide a comfortable home for their family members to live in while they are away, or to use it as a base in the UK.

Alternatively, if your clients are interested in investing, Marsden can assist with an Expat Buy to Let mortgage, which provides UK citizens residing abroad with an opportunity to purchase a rental property in the UK.

What can you expect from the Marsden?

Marsden Building Society takes great pride in offering Intermediaries a wide range of products and services. Their commitment to delivering high-quality service is evident through their personalised approach to underwriting and their exceptional attention to detail. Marsden's underwriting process is tailored to each application, ensuring any unique needs are met with the most appropriate solution.

What can you expect when you place a case with the Marsden?

Unlike other mortgage providers, Marsden does not rely on credit scoring to approve applications. They understand that each mortgage is different and treat each case accordingly. This means they don’t operate on a 'computer says no' basis and believe that clients are more than just a number.

Marsden offers a range of products in niche lending areas to meet the specific needs of clients. Their teams are dedicated to reviewing each application carefully and have direct access to key decision-makers to make informed decisions.

While they do not lend in Scotland or Northern Ireland, there are no regional lending restrictions within the areas they do operate.

Get in touch

The Marsden have a dedicated support team who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their products and criteria. Please get in touch by calling 01282 440583 or visiting here.

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