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Canada Life have over 45 years’ experience in the protection industry and support over 2.8 million people and their families in the UK. In 2019 they paid out £255 million in Life Insurance claims and £25 million in Critical Illness claims. They paid over 99.8% of Life Insurance claims in 2019.



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Canada Life UK's Individual Protection and Group Insurance are only available to customers or employers who are living or registered in the UK.

Canada Life are here to support you with applications, quotes and claims for both their Individual Protection and Group Insurance business. - Individual Protection provides Life Insurance and Life or earlier Critical Illness cover - Group Insurance provides Group Life Assurance, Group Income Protection and Group Critical Illness

Support Services

All Canada Life's policies come with a range of Support Services, many being free to use from day one.

Their rewards and discounts app gives your clients or their employees savings at a variety of high street retailers, helping their money go that bit further. It also offers discounted gym membership and up to 25% off cinema. Plus there's a wide range of wellbeing materials to help them reach their health goals.

Individual Protection

Individual Protection accept over 75% of customers on application with their easy-to-use, online application. They cover over 90% of the top ten disclosed conditions with ease, often at standard rates.

They don't ask for GP reports so you and your clients retain control of the application. When policies are referred for more information, they obtain this through questions back to the adviser, a telephone interview or nurse screening.

Their recent question changes have made it easier for clients with mild or moderate mental health issues to apply for their cover. Plus they have a unique approach to customers who use alternatives to tobacco, including nicotine replacement products like e-cigarettes.

Group Insurance

Group Insurance is available from just two lives, covering three core products.

Group Life Assurance provides a tax free payment or ongoing income if an employee dies while covered by the policy. It's not only cost-effective and simple to set up, it' s also a highly valued benefit which provides a clear advantage in attracting and retaining top talent.

Group Income Protection provides a replacement income if an employee is unable to work because of long-term illness or injury. As well as the financial support, they provide employers with access to market-leading rehabilitation services from the earliest stages of absence to help employees return to work.

Group Critical Illness cover provides a tax-free payment if an employee is diagnosed with, or has surgery for one of the illnesses covered by the policy and survives a set period of time. It provides the financial support needed during a difficult time. It can be used in anyway an employee sees fit – paying off the mortgage, seeking professional care or even updating their home – it’s up to them.

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