Commercial Finance Brokers UK

Commercial Finance Brokers UK

CFBUK is recognised as one of the UK's leading ‘whole of market' commercial finance brokers.  

We do not package or operate within a restricted panel of lenders but pride ourselves in finding the right funding solution for the client across all of the 200+ lenders who operate in the commercial mortgage sector.  

We are property finance brokers within the following areas; Owner Occupier/Trading Business property, Commercial & Residential Investment property finance, Bridging & Short Term property finance and Property Development finance. 

Having said that we are also able to assist with sourcing finance for those difficult BTLs, HMOs and if the borrower is  non-resident or non-domiciled in the UK. 

Achieving finance to support SIPP & SSAS purchases is also available through CFBUK.

We do not charge any up-front fees and pay introducer commission of up to 50% of both client and lender fees.


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The security property has to be on mainland UK (including Northern Ireland)

Referring enquiries to us couldn't be easier: just call us on 0800 999 2015 and speak to one of our very experienced brokers.   

You may have a detailed enquiry, in which case our broker will usually be able to give an immediate assessment of the viability of the proposition and a guide to likely rates and terms. 

You can then revert to your clients to let them know what facilities are potentially available and refer them on to us if they would like to proceed further.   

Alternatively, you may have no details other than a name and phone number, so we will happily contact the client and run through the enquiry directly with them and move the case on from there.   

Either way you are kept fully updated and copied in on all email traffic.

Once a client decides to proceed with a loan application through CFBUK, most members are more than happy for us to deal directly as this spares them the time to get on with their core activities.

But it may be that you would like to remain in the middle of the broking process, acting as intermediary between us and your client and, with the client's consent, we are equally comfortable working that way.

We do not charge upfront fees and only ask for an application fee if the client decides to move forward with a lenders terms once we have established and explained the options available.

We only charge our arrangement fee of 1% on success which is achieved when the client accepts a credit committee backed offer of finance.   

When the case completes we pay you up to 50% of the client's fee plus 50% of the standard procuration fee received by us from the lender. This normally means that our introducers receive a minimum of 0.5% of the loan amount and in some cases 1%.