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We're waiving the completion fee on our Capital Select Options​

Article date: 22/05/2019

We're pleased to announce that we're waiving the completion fee on all Capital Select Options. The completion fee will be reduced to £0 on all Capital Select KFIs which are generated between 10am today, Monday 13th May, and 21st June 2019.Our Capital

Select Options offer:

  • £0 completion fee (until 21st June 2019)
  • Free valuations with no cap
  • 10% repayment facility each year with no penalties
  • Optional cash reserve facility for an additional 0.20% MER (0.21% AER)
  • 8 year fixed early repayment charges (ERCs) 5% for years 1-5, 3% for years 6-8
  • Downsizing Protection free of charge
  • Early Repayment Charge Waiver free of charge

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Interest rates and LTVs

Interest rate
Interest rate (AER)LTV – 60 LTV – 80
Capital Select Lite3.79%3.86%13%33%
Capital Select Gold4.27%4.35%18%38%
Capital Select Gold Plus4.59%4.69%23%43%
Capital Select Platinum5.41%5.55%28%48%
Capital Select Platinum Plus6.46%6.65%34%54%

£0 completion fee

To take advantage of our £0 completion fee, you will need to generate a KFI on, or before, 21st June 2019. If a KFI has been created on the new terms, there isn't a deadline in place for receiving a linked application. We will continue to accept them.

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