Coronavirus Phishing Scams


​National Trading Standards have recently issued a warning relating to the rise in Coronavirus Phishing scams.

Article date: 10/03/2020

How does the scam work? 

Recently,  the Coronavirus was classified as a global emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Unfortunately, cyber criminals are now preying on people’s fear by launching a new phishing campaign. 

The phishing emails are titled “Singapore Specialist: Corona Virus Safety Measures”. The email advises the recipient to “go through the attached document on safety measures” in regards to the spreading of Coronavirus and requests the user to click on the button to download the attachment. 

Once the user clicks the button, they are redirected to a fake page which is the current home page of WHO, but with a popup form on top. A user may choose to enter their details and unknowingly provide cyber criminals their personal details. Once the form is submitted, users are then redirected to the real WHO website. 

The sole intention of these emails is to play on the public’s genuine fear to increase the likelihood of users clicking on an attachment or link delivered in a malicious communication, to cause infection, or for monetary gain.

What action do I need to take? 

Please share this information with your teams so they can help prevent customers becoming the victims of fraud. Feel free to also share the information with friends and family to help prevent them from becoming a victim.

If anything changes, we will keep you updated accordingly.

Best wishes,      
The SBG Team