LV= NHS Sick Pay Guarantee with wider eligibility!


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Article date: 05/11/2018


LV= know it’s important to reach every client who needs income protection. That’s why they’re going further than ever, with wider eligibility and new features and benefits.

Recommending Income Protection to medical professionals can be a headache… 

Some clients working in the public sector don’t always have straightforward sick pay arrangements. They might get paid 100% of their salary for a defined number of months, followed by 50% of salary. Sick pay entitlement can also change with each year of service, making it difficult to choose the right waiting period.

LV= already offer a solution for NHS doctors and surgeons. But they’ve now gone one step further to extend their guarantee to doctors and surgeons outside of the NHS, where their sick pay matches those of the NHS. They’ve also extended their guarantee to dentists that match the required sick pay arrangements.

This means you can reach more medical professionals than ever before with their specialist income protection!

So, what are the benefits of LV=’s NHS Sick Pay Guarantee?

    As long as your client chooses a 12 month waiting period they’ll pay out to fit alongside their sick pay arrangements
  • Reduces premiums by removing the need for complex split waiting periods
  • Removes the risk of over and under insurance
  • Ensures your client gets their money when they need it
  • You don’t have to contact your client each time their sick pay arrangements change

If you want to find out more about LV=’s Income Protection, why not tune into one of their webinars on the 7th or 14th of November.

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