​​Trigold Prospector is the market leading mortgage sourcing tool, providing a complete end-to-end system for mortgage advice. It is regarded as the most user-friendly, compliant, and accurate sourcing software available; over two thirds of mortgage professionals use Trigold Prospector on a daily basis.


Trigold Prospector comes with standard features that give you all the basics you need to complete mortgage cases.​

Trigold currently has a market price of £29.95 +VAT but PMS member you can purchase Trigold at a reduced price of £21.00 ​+VAT.


  • Multi-tabs across all sourcing screens
  • Create new customer file from 'Browse Products'
  • Sync multiple customers with Momentum
  • Configure, move, and rename your sourcing tabs
  • ETC and MTE integration, giving the widest range of online applications in the market
  • Better control, best sourcing
  • Free online training

Trigold Prospector’s full range of functionalities provide mortgage professionals with all the right tools to complete mortgage cases quickly and efficiently.

Please note that Trigold are a third party firm and are not part of PMS.

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