Bluestone Mortgages

Bluestone help a wide variety of customers including self-employed, contractors, and people who have experienced credit problems through genuine bumps in the road.

They pride themselves on offering quality mortgage products and delivering an excellent all round adviser service.

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

Residential                                                0.60%
Buy to Let                                                  0.60%

All information correct as at 08/06/2018

Residential                                                0.50%
Buy to Let                                                  0.50%

All information correct as at 08/06/2018

Overview & Benefits

Key residential criteria

  • All their criteria is based on the customer's circumstances at the time of completion
  • Up to 4 applicants - income from all applicants can be used to support the loan
  • 100% gifted equity deposits accepted from family members
  • No credit scoring
  • IVA/bankruptcy available
Key Buy to Let criteria

  • Interest Only Buy to Lets available on Clear and AAA products
  • Top Slicing with income available on all Interest Only Buy to Lets, minimum Rental Income 112% applies
  • First Time Buyers/First Time Landlords accepted
  • Regulated BTL letting to a family member

Credit impaired customers 

  • CCJs/defaults over 3 years are ignored even if outstanding
  • CCJs/defaults under £300 ignored even in last 3 months
  • All tele-communications CCJs/defaults are ignored
  • Debt Management Plans accepted and can remain

Self employed / contracting customers

  • Only 1 year's worth of accounts required for Self Employed
  • Will calculate income from the latest years figure
  • Day 1 contractors accepted
  • Contracting gap of up to 6 months accepted


1st Floor Melbourne House
44-46 Aldwych


Lending team:
0800 368 1833
[email protected]


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