Hodge is a specialist lender that was pivotal in the creation of the later-life lending market, launching the first lifetime mortgage in 1965. In the past 50 years, Hodge has used its experience in this space to develop innovative products, including the residential, interest only RIO. The lender has also entered the Portfolio Buy-to-Let space, which is for professional landlords looking for one loan to deal with their entire portfolio.

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

Lump Sum Lifetime mortgage           2.25%  + £50 (no min / max £11,250)
Flexible Lifetime mortgage   2.25% + 0.15% + £50 (no min / max £11,250)
Retirement mortgage                        1.25% + £50 (min £300 / max £6,250)
55+ Mortgage and 55+ Retirement Interest Only (RIO) 0.55% (min £225)
55+ Product transfer                         0.25% 
Portfolio Buy to Let                           0.55%

All information correct as at 19/07/2019

Lump Sum Lifetime mortgage                 2.25% (no min / max £11,250)
Flexible Lifetime mortgage          2.25% + 0.15% (no min / max £11,250)
Retirement mortgage                                       1.25% (min £300 / no max)
55+ Mortgage and 55+ Retirement Interest Only (RIO)  0.50% (min £225)
55+ Product transfer                         0.23% 
Portfolio Buy to Let 0.5%

All information correct as at 19


Doing the right thing is what Hodge aim to do in all areas of their business - it guides their decisions.

A business dedicated to the later life market since 1965, they have nurtured a great depth of experience and developed a very strong and solid reputation for looking after their customers while being at the forefront of innovation.

Hodge also do the right thing with regards to having a social responsibility. The Hodge Foundation, a charity supporting the welfare, medical, academic and educational areas owns over 79% of their business. This drives them, knowing that by helping customers to achieve their goals, they are also helping good causes that are important to them.

Hodge offers a selection of equity release, residential, and retirement mortgages for older borrowers, and also offers a portfolio buy-to-let product for professional landlords. Visit their website www.hodgeforintermediaries.co.uk for further details, or call their dedicated support team on 0800 731 4076.


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