Kensington is a leading specialist mortgage lender for any application that may be too complicated to pass an automated decision for a high street lender.

Kensington lends on complex cases because it treats customers as individuals, with highly skilled underwriters making decisions based on a person's circumstances, not just their credit score.

What's more, every time you submit an application to Kensington you'll receive a telephone call from a decision maker to discuss the case. Kensington specialises in lending to the self employed, contractors, failed credit score and complex income, or mortgage for buy to let investors.

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary


All information correct as at 04/03/2019


All information correct as at 04/03/2019


Why use Kensington?

Credit history

  • Defaults older that 24 months
  • Satisfied CCJs older than 24 months
  • Secured loans arrears older than 24 months
  • Unsecured credit arrears if accounts now up to date

Buy to let

  • First time landlord mortgages
  • Experience landlord mortgages
  • Let to buy mortgages
  • No minimum income or experienced landlords
  • No maximum portfolio limit
  • Loans to 80% LTV 

Complex income

  • Up to 100% of sustainable regular overtime / bonus considered
  • Up to 100% of sustainable second job income considered
  • Pension and investment income allowable


  • Income calculated on current weekly contract x 46
  • Only 12 months contracting history required

First time buyers

  • Limited or no credit history
  • Loans available up to £500k


  • Credit score declines
  • Limited credit history
  • Lending decisions made by experienced underwriters

Self employed

  • Most recent year's figures generally used
  • Inland Revenue SA302 acceptable
  • Bank statements will be required with and SA302


Kensington Mortgage Company Limited
2 Gresham Street

For enquiries


Call: 0800 111 020

Email: [email protected]

Registration process

Visit and click on the 'Intermediaries' button, register online to use Kensington's electronic intermediary web portal, e-KWIP.

You will need to have details of your business to hand, including your FCA number.

To make an application you will need to update your profile to include PMS as your preferred mortgage club. Once logged in, click 'Admin' in the navigation bar, and then 'Your Profile'.

Finally, select 'Change preferred Mortgage Club' and scroll down the list provided.