Kent Reliance

​​​​​​​At Kent Reliance they have the skills and appetite to look at niche and unconventional customers that typically may not fit the criteria of mainstream lenders.

They also offer standard residential, buy to let and shared ownership cases, all available through intermediaries only.​​​

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

Buy to Let       0.50%
Residential     0.40%
Further Advance    0.35% (Min £150)
Product Transfer 0.30%

All information correct as at 13/11/2018

Buy to let          0.45%
Residential        0.35%
Further Advance    0.33% (Min £150)
Product Transfer 0.28%

All information correct as at 13/11/2018


Why choose Kent Reliance?

  • They are specialists
    Skills, experience and appetite to help you with niche and specialist cases
  • They are flexible 
    Every case is manually written and all complex and unique circumstances reviewed on own merits
  • They are personal
    Support from an experienced and professional team of dedicated relationship managers 
They offer:
  • All cases manually underwritten – a real person looking at your customer’s case
  • Larger loans individually assessed
  • Complete and bespoke loans - non-standard income deals
  • Max LTV of 85%

They can accept:

  • HMOs - up to eight bedrooms
  • Student Lets - up to eight bedrooms
  • Properties above commercial​ - subject to individual assessment
  • Maximum age on expiry - 85 years

They will readily consider:

  • Professional landlords
  • Large BTL portfolios
  • Let to buy
  • Self-employed (minimum 1 years' accounts)
  • Limited companies
  • Four properties on one freehold
  • Older landlords - maximum age of 85 years
  • 100% income from property
  • ExPat loans​
Try their personal and flexible service today - they want to do business with you.


Kent Reliance
Reliance House
Sun Pier

For enquiries

Call: 01634 835 791

Registration process

You must be registered onto the Kent Reliance Broker portal with PMS Mortgage Club as you preferred route. 

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