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Leeds Building Society is the UK’s 5th largest building society and their intermediary team know their products and criteria inside out and are ready to support you. They’re constantly improving service levels and now have 25 dedicated telephone and field Business Development Managers (BDMs) to answer any new business enquiries you may have. 

The service desk is open 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week to answer any queries about ongoing cases. To get in touch contact your BDM or service desk click here. Why not follow them on twitter or join their LinkedIn® Professional Network Group?

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Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

Residential 0.40%
Buy to let 0.50%
Retention 0.20%

All information correct as at 18/01/2018

Residential 0.37%
Buy to let 0.45%
Retention 0.19%

All information correct as at 18/01/2018


  • They accept up to 4 applicants and use all 4 incomes for affordability calculations
  • They don’t deduct season tickets or pension contributions when assessing affordability and they accept most types of benefit income
  • They offer shared ownership up to 95% of the customer’s share
  • 70% LTV and no minimum income for a buy to let (subject to affordability assessment)
  • Holiday let range
  • 6 months landlord experience for buy to let HMO’s
  • Interest only up to 60% LTV 

  • No minimum income requirements for interest only subject to affordability
  • Interest only part and part up to 75% LTV 
  • For second homes their max LTV is 85% on capital and interest, 70% LTV on interest only and 75% LTV on part and part
  • Contractor workers accepted with a 12 month track record and no minimum term on existing contract 
  • New Build - lending up to 90% on new build  houses and 85% on flats and up to 5% builders incentive is allowed
  • Right to Buy lending available for up to 100% of the borrowers discounted purchase price

This product information is for use by FCA authorised intermediaries only and must not be distributed to potential borrowers. 


Leeds Building Society
Mortgage Lending
105 Albion Street

For enquiries

If you want to know more, getting in touch with your BDM couldn’t be easier, simply click here and enter your postcode. 

If you want the status of an application or online service support then call the Mortgage Service Desk on 03458 480061

For queries when sending documentation call 0113 225 7739.

Leeds Building Society may monitor and/or record your telephone conversations to ensure consistent service levels (including colleague training)

Registration process

Registering with Leeds Building Society is easy, to begin the process click here. 

Once registered, you will be sent a username and password. You will need to wait overnight for a system refresh to allow you to submit business. 

To protect your customer’s data, sign up to our secure email service allowing you to submit documents online. Don’t forget if you have a question, visit our FAQs section.