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​​​​​​​MBS Lending is a specialist lender in the mortgage market place. If your customer has had difficulty in securing mortgage finance due to adverse credit history, they ​m​ay be able to help.


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Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

Near prime 0.55% + £25 (Min £150/max £1,000)
Credit assist 0.55% + £25 (Min £150/max £1,000)
Credit recovery 0.65% + £25 (Min £150/max £1,000)

All information correct as at 19/08/2016

Near prime 0.55% (Min £150 / max £1,000)
Credit assist 0.55% (Min £150 / max £1,000)
Credit recovery 0.65% (Min £150 / max £1,000)

 All information correct as at 19/08/2016


MBS Lending has a range of mortgage products including: Near prime, credit assist and credit recovery which is designed to assist customers who have:
  •    Missed mortgage payments
  •    IVAs
  •    Debt management Plans
  •    CCJs
  •    Bankruptcy (must be discharged)
  •    Repossession

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