Marsden Building Society

​​​Marsden Building Society is a mutual organisation that has developed a reputation for high quality service, transparency and fairness for over 150 years. As the largest building society in Lancashi​re they pride themselves on traditional values with a modern outlook.

Their success is due not only to their competitive products but also to their team who deliver a high quality of service.

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Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

Residential and professionals     0.40%
BTL      0.50%
Lending to retirement    0.60% 
Professionals     0.40% 

All information correct as at 06/12/2017

Residential and professionals     0.40% 
BTL      0.50% 
Lending to retirement    0.60%
Professionals     0.40% 

All information correct as at 06/12/2017


The Marsden Building Society remains focused on ensuring their members are supported and their financial needs understood; whether that is saving for the future, buying a home or ensuring their loved ones are secure the Marsden is regarded as the Building Society that they and their families can depend upon.

Their mortgages are highly regarded, often featuring in the top 10 best buy tables and they are appreciated by their members for the personal service that they offer.

Each mortgage application is assigned to a dedicated member of their team who will guide you through their process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with their service.


Marsden Building Society
6-20 Russell Street

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Call: 0845 894 9212 or 01282 440 500

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