A specialist lender challenging traditional banking. Unlike others they don’t box-tick or credit-score. Society is changing, and their products reflect that: from mortgages for self-employed people to bridging loans to help people buy homes. They’re a digital bank with a human heartbeat.

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary
Bridging                            1.25% (minimum £1,500)

Residential                        0.55%

All information correct as at 11/09/2019
Bridging                         ​1% (minimum £1,300)

Residential                     0.50%

All information correct as at 11/09/2019

Overview - Residential & Buy to Let

First charge or second charge, residential or buy to let, unlike others they don’t box-tick or credit-score. Society is changing, and their mortgage products reflect that: from helping contractors and self-employed to those that don’t meet the typical high street profile.

Take a look at their criteria highlights available across their mortgage products

Self Employed
  • From 18 months trading – accountants certificate accepted
  • Projections considered if 9 months into current trading period and have 2 years finalised
  • Salary plus share of dividend used for Limited Companies
Credit Flexibility
  • No Credit Scoring
  • CCJs/Defaults under £300 or over 36 months allowed
  • Recent CCJs/Defaults and missed mortgage payments also considered
  • From 3 months in the role
  • Day rate x 5 x 46
  • 1 month remaining on contract and evidence of renewal

You’ve also got access to their second charge mortgage range that are great for customers with:

  • Very competitive existing fixed/tracker rates on their current mortgage
  • Recent CCJ’s/Defaults under £300
  • Existing mortgage on interest only
  • Early redemption charges

Customers can use funds for:

  • Home improvements
  • Business purposes
  • Deposit for Buy to Let
  • Debt consolidation

Key product features:

  • Loans from £10,000-£750,000
  • Residential and Buy to Let
  • Up to 75% LTV
  • No credit scoring
  • No ERC’s on residential ranges
  • CCJs/defaults under £300 or over 36 months ignored
  • Available in England/Scotland/Wales

Overview - Bridging

They recognise that in an increasingly diverse world, you need a range of short-term lending solutions supported by excellent service and competitive rates.

Bridging Plus 
For loans over £750,000
Dedicated senior underwriting team
Attractive commission

Standard Bridging
For refurbishments, extensions and customers with credit problems
First charge up to 65% LTV
Second charge up to 60% LTV
Prime Bridging
Competitively priced, flexible option for customers with clean credit
First charge up to 70% LTV
Second charge up to 65% LTV
Light Development
Enhanced LTVs and reduced rates 
Up to 60% of purchase price
Up to 100% of build costs funded in arrears
Development Finance
For ground up developments, self build and larger extensions
Up to 50% of purchase price
Up to 25% of value if already owned
Up to 100% build costs funded in arrears


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