Newbury Building Society

Newbury Building Society lend throughout England and Wales and focus on offering a competitive and flexible service to intermediaries and borrowers.  With individual underwriting and no credit scoring, each case is assessed on its merits  and individual circumstances.  Lending on Shared Ownership and Help to Buy Equity Loan is now throughout England and Wales. Buy to Let and Self Build mortgages are restricted to their local operating areas.

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

​All products        0.37% (£125 min/ £3,500 max)
Product Transfers 0.2%

All information correct as at 12/06/2019

All products       0.35% (£125 min / £3,500 max)
Product Transfers 0.18%

 All information correct as at 12/06/2019


Newbury Building Society cares about providing great service.  An experienced and dedicated BDM team provide a helpdesk to provide guidance and assistance and understand that one size does not fit all.  Newbury Building Society can help with:

  • Self-employed, including day 1 contractors 
  • Experienced in Shared Ownership and Help to Buy – lending throughout England and Wales to 95% of share on flats and houses. 
  • Unusual or complex situations 
  • Up to 90% on new build and flats 
  • Unusual properties 
  • Self-build and MMC  


Can consider Buy to Lets where the rental coverage calculation is not met – can factor in the client’s overall financial position. Restricted to local operating areas.

  • Can use other sources of income and will lend on regulated and consumer buy to lets
  • Lend to Limited Companies and Ex-Pats


Newbury Building Society
17 Bartholomew Street
RG14 5LY

For enquiries

Call: 01635 918 000

Registration Process

No need to pre-register before submitting your first mortgage application, simply download and complete a copy of the relevant application form.

Ensure when you submit business through NBS you highlight the case as PMS.