Principality Building Society

Principality Building Society is the society where home matters. So when your customers find somewhere they love, their proactive approach to lending means they make sure the keys fall into your customers hands as quickly and smoothly as possible

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Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

Residential              0.40% (£175 min/ max £2,500)
Buy to let                0.40% (£175 min / max £2,500)
Retention               0.20%

All information correct as at 29/10/2018

Residential                0.38% (£175 min / max £2,500) 
Buy to let                   0.40% (£175 min / max £2,500) 
Retention                  0.19%

   All information correct as at 29/10/2018


Principality Building Society is the 6th largest building society in the UK and the largest in Wales. It has a proactive approach when it comes to considering a case with specific criteria needs. Their team of mortgage experts will always work towards finding a solution that best suits your customer. 
Help when you need it

The Principality intermediary support desk team consists of ex-brokers, ex-senior underwriters and previous mortgage advisors who are there to make sure your mortgage applications run as smoothly as possible. They’re your dedicated point of contact for new business enquiries and have direct access to underwriters. 
Face to face support

Principality’s dedicated field based Business Development Managers are ready to support you as and when you need it. We have full BDM coverage across England & Wales by 2018 ensuring there’s always someone on hand to help. 

Giving you the full package

•  BDM’s with direct access to senior underwriters
•  Up to 90% LTV on new build flats and houses across England & Wales
•  Up to 90% LTV on remortgages across England & Wales
•  They accept up to four applicants on a mortgage using all four incomes
•  Document upload and broker case tracking facility
•  They lend across England and Wales
•  Holiday lets at buy to let rates up to 75% LTV and maximum loan size of £500,000

*95% LTV is available for purchases across core territory which is defined as Wales and the postcode areas of Shropshire (SY), Herefordshire (HR) and Cheshire (CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4).

Residential mortgages

•  Offering a full range of residential mortgages including fixed, discounted and variable rates.

•  Maximum of 4 applicants.
•  Maximum term of 40 years.
•  Mortgage to be repaid before the eldest applicants 76th birthday.
•   Second homes acceptable up to 75% LTV.
•   Interest Only mortgages acceptable up to 50% LTV. Minimum of £150k equity required*
•   Let to buy acceptable.
•   Family gifted deposit accepted.*

Buy to let mortgages

•   We lend to first time landlords.
•   Holiday lets at buy to let rates up to 75% LTV.
•   Maximum of 4 applicants.
•   Minimum valuation £50,000.

*Please refer these cases to your BDM.


PO Box 89
Principality Buildings
Queen Street
CF10 1UA

For enquiries

Service centre process eam: 0800 328 1717
Brokerpoint admin team: 0845 330 5565
Underwriting team: 0845 045 0455

Email: [email protected]

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