Reliance Bank

Reliance Bank was established in 1890 by the founder of the Salvation Army, William Booth. Reliance Bank remains part of The Salvation Army today. Our mission is to serve communities with compassion and integrity that's why along with our positive social impact mortgages, which includes shared ownership. And we donate up to 75% of our profits to The Salvation Army International Trust, where it's used to support their evangelical and charity work around the globe.

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

All Products          0.37% (max £2500)

All information correct as at 02/09/2019

All Products             0.35% We will take 0.2% or £150 whichever is the lower amount

All information correct as at 02/09/2019


Our approach is to work in collaboration with our intermediary partners to provide a personal service where intermediaries can look to speak to a decision maker and have the peace of mind knowing that we can help them and their clients with our fantastic customer service and attractive mortgage products.

  • Get to speak to a decision maker
  • 48 hours for an AIP which is valid for 4 months
  • 14 days application to offer timescales
  • Manual underwriting with personal and bespoke service
  • 90% LTV for FTBs and House Purchase
  • 75% LTV for Remortgages and unencumbered applications
  • 85% LTV Further Advance Applications


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Faith House
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