Skipton Intermediaries

​​​​​Skipton Building Society have been helping people secure homes of their own since 1853. They take a common sense approach to lending, and that’s why their underwriting decisions are made by people - not computers. The majority of their lending is through their intermediary channel. 

Skipton’s Real Life Lending Charter underpins the way they work with you, demonstrates their commitment to you and recognises the vital role you play in today’s complex marketplace.

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Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

Residential 0.40% (max £4000)
Buy to let 0.50% (max £3750)
Residential Retention 0.30%
BTL Retention 0.35%
Shared Ownership 0.45%

   All information correct as 03/08/2018

Residential 0.37% (max £3500)
Buy to let 0.45% (max £3375)
Residential Retention 0.28%
BTL Retention 0.33%
Shared Ownership 0.40%

 All information correct as 03/08/2018


Real Life Lending Charter 

  • They give you five working days to submit pipeline business, following a product withdrawal
  • They won’t proactively market life insurance to your clients
  • They’ll only offer dual pricing if it’s in your favour
  • They always communicate with you in a timely, clear and straight talking way
  • They’ll deliver a five star level of service

Some of the key reasons to use Skipton Intermediaries:

  • National team of dedicated Business Development Managers and head office based Telephone Business Development Managers 
  • Extended opening hours to contact our specialist Telephone Broker Support Team
  • Flexible underwriting – and direct access to underwriters when you need it
  • Wide product range – including specialist products such as Shared Ownership and Help to Buy mortgages
  • Lending up to 95% LTV and wide range of products including 1% cashback and £1,000 cashback products (paid after completion)
  • Up to 90% LTV lending on New Build houses and flats, with offers valid for 9+3 months
  • Additional Borrowing available through our eMortgages system
  • Free standard mortgage valuations 
  • A range of online tools and services to help you submit cases quickly and easily 
  • Online Decision in Principle (DIP) – now with a soft credit search and instant responses
  • eMortgages application service, with scan and upload facility
  • All documents are reviewed within one working day of receipt, post-application submission
  • Online affordability calculators
  • Voted 5 stars for service by the Financial Adviser Service Awards, for the fourth year in 2018


Minimum Submission

Providing a fully packaged case first time will significantly improve the time to offer and help out their underwriters. 

Here’s a checklist of everything they’ll need: 
  • A signed e-declaration form
  • Latest P60 (if using additional income)
  • Latest month’s payslip (if employed)
  • Latest full month’s bank statement showing salary credit
  • Accountant’s Certificate OR latest two years’ full signed accounts OR two years’ SA302s and one year of accounts (if self-employed)
  • Any other fees your client has opted to pay up front
  • Gifted Deposit Declaration (if applicable)
  • Evidence of retirement, if the term takes your client into retirement


Skipton Building Society
Mortgage Service Centre
Principal Office
The Bailey
North Yorkshire
BD23 1DN

For enquiries

Call: 0345 601 6683

Fax: 01756 705 714

Opening hours

Mon- Thurs 08.00am to 08.00pm

Fri - 08.00am to 05.00pm

Sat - 09.00am to 12.00noon

Intermediary Relationship Managers

To find your nearest Intermediary Relationship Manager use their IRM locator

Call: 0345 600 1469

Email: [email protected]

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