Cambridge Building Society

The Cambridge pride themselves on providing a personal level of service and having a dedicated team on hand to support those looking to place business or track cases.

They offer flexible and responsible lending, using a manual underwriting process and looking at each case individually.

The Cambridge focuses on making continual improvements to the way they do things, including enhancements to their criteria, offering a competitive mortgage range and investing in improved technology to support the way you can do business with them.

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lender
Procuration fee to intermediary

All products     0.40%  (£150 min/ £4,000 max)

Retention        0.20%  (£75 min/ £2,000 max)

All information correct as at 04/04/2019

All product 0.37%   (£150 min/ £4,000 max)

Retention  0.18%  (£75 min/ £2,000 max)

 All information correct as at 04/04/2019


The Cambridge say yes to: 

Self-employed with one year’s accounts  
Removing upper age limits on mortgages 
Support for those with low credit
Shared Ownership 

Whether your customer is finding it hard to secure a mortgage because they're self-employed, have low credit, are a little bit older or are buying for the first time, The Cambridge can help you find the right solution for your customers. 

Plus they'll let you know when your customer’s mortgage term is coming to an end, and pay you for retention.


The Cambridge lends within the following counties: Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire and Suffolk.

If your customer is an existing borrower with The Cambridge and wishes to move out of the area, they can continue to lend to them throughout England and Wales.


The Cambridge Building Society
PO Box 232
51 Newmarket Road

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Call: 0345 601 2744

Email: [email protected]

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