The Mortgage Lender

The Mortgage Lender Limited (TML) is a new specialist lender that entered the UK residential market in 2016. An intermediary-only lender, TML has been launched by an experienced and proven team with a successful track record of entrepreneurial growth in a regulated environment.​

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

Residential                                                            0.58%

Buy to let                                                              0.60%

All information correct as 08/06/18

Residential                                                            0.50%

Buy to let                                                              0.50%

All information correct as 08/06/18


Reasons to consider The Mortgage Lender

Their products and criteria are particularly focused on:

  • Employed - Standard status borrowers who do not meet the requirements of high street lenders
  • Self-employed - Up to 85% LTV if over 24 months' trading time (80% LTV maximum if 12-24 months' trading)
  • Contractors - Contract works considered if 6 months of continuous service completed and 6 months of contract to run (not necessarily with same employer)
  • Lending into retirement - Will lend up to age 80 (at the end of the term) as long as the applicant's retirment income supports the lending requested
  • Impaired credit - Products cater for applicants who have an imperfect credit history, including CCJs, arrears on secured or unsecured lending or defaults


Their online portal offers the following functionality:

  • DIPs, applications, case tracking and document submission
  • Real time application status updates, with case documentation available directly from their online system
  • Upload directly against outstanding checlist items, ensuring that supporting documents go straight to TML work queues for the case
  • You can provide updated notes directly into the case work queue to provide any additional information


The Mortgage Lender Limited
PO Box 27135
G1 9EG


TML's Intermediary Helpdesk:

0344 257 0418

Email: [email protected]


Upload directly against outstanding checklist.