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​Virgin Money is on a quest to make banking better, with one simple ambition: to make everyone better off. This philosophy underpins everything they do; offering good value to customers, treating employees well, building strong relationships with partners, making a positive contribution to the community and delivering a fair profit to shareholders.

For Virgin Money, being a good partner means putting your needs at the heart of their decisions and recognising what’s important to you – their products, pricing and service.

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lenderProcuration fee to intermediary

Standard purchase    0.50%
Remortgage                0.50%                
Buy to let                    0.50%
Product transfers      0.38%
Ported products        0.50%

  All information correct as at 07/07/2017

Standard purchase      0.45%
Remortgage                  0.45%
Buy to let                       0.45%
Product transfer           0.35%
Ported products           0.45%

  All information correct as at 07/07/2017


Virgin Money understands that choice is important. That’s why they offer a wide range of products and features. And they know that some mortgage products may be more suited to the intermediary channel, so they offer these exclusively through you.

A better approach to pricing

Virgin Money know it’s frustrating when lenders offer a better deal to direct customers. So they won’t favour direct business over the intermediary channel.

A better approach to service

They are committed to providing end-to-end personalised support from their regional service teams. And don’t forget, Virgin Money have a large team of field and telephony based business development managers in the country, dedicated to supporting you.

Virgin Money products

Virgin Money products come with a range of benefits; flexible mortgages, cashback incentives and fee saver options are just a few.

The Everyday range offer simple, straightforward residential and BTL mortgages designed to fit a range of needs, with fixed, tracker and freedom to fix products available. Some flexible features like overpayments and payment holidays are included.

Flexible features are subject to terms and conditions.

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