West One

​West One is one of the leading providers of bridging finance, lending £50-60m each month. They offer a very comprehensive product range including regulated and unregulated products on a first and second charge basis. 

Bridging is all about speed and West One have a solid reputation for providing a flexible fast service to meet the needs of their borrowers. When a conventional mortgage cannot be arranged to meet a specific or urgent deadline, bridging finance can often be the best solution.

Procuration Tables

Gross fee paid by lender
Procuration fee to intermediary

Bridging products     ​1.50%

All information correct as at 23/01/2019

Bridging products       1.25%

All information correct as at 23/01/2019


West One is one of the leading providers of bridging loans. Their key points of differentiation are:

  • Flexible underwriting: they take a pragmatic view of more complex cases and larger loans over £10m, as well as borrowers with different circumstances. That means they do deals which others cannot do. This commercial approach to deal-making is at the heart of how they’ve always done business
  •  Agility: They take a proactive approach to ensure they can complete deals quickly, and in as little as under 3 days. 
  • Range: They offer regulated and unregulated residential bridging, and commercial bridging on a first or second charge basis, as well as their bridge-to-let product which offers a 3 year term.

  • Terms available: They can offer up to 18 months for unregulated bridging, 12 months for regulated bridging and up to 3 years for our Bridge to Let Product. 
  • LTVs: up to 75% LTV for unregulated bridging loans on residential properties
  • They can lend to: individuals, limited companies, trusts and off-shore SPVs.
  • Rates: starting from 0.55% per month, thier rates are competitive across their range
  • Sales team: national team of 4 Business Development Manager supported by their office based Broker Support team to assist you with new enquires and provide training and support. 


West One Loans
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Email: New business enquiries: [email protected]

Call: 0333 123 4556


Website: www.westoneloans.co.uk