Aldermore Expands Support For Homeowners Struggling To Remortgage


​Specialist mortgages that give credit, where credit's due

Article date: 18/12/2018


At Aldermore we recognise that things can happen with your client's credit rating and if they already have a mortgage this can cause them problems when their fixed rate period ends. That's why our Residential Mortgage range has extended tiered credit criteria and rates available up to 80% LTV for applicants who need a little more flexibility, and these products are available up to 80% LTV.

So if your client has a complex financial history or historic adverse our Levels 2 or 3 products could help them own or remortgage the property they want.

Available from today:

  • Level 2 – rates from 3.78 up to 75% LTV (no product, valuation or legal fees.)
  • Level 3 – rates from 4.28% up to 75% LTV (no product, valuation or legal fees)

In addition, we've updated rates across our Standard residential Level 1 range with rates from 2.68% up to 75% LTV.

If your client thinks their perfect mortgage is out of reach, our tiered pricing and auto-cascade system could help them get the best possible rate available to them, and what's more we'll still give you an immediate decision at DIP.

For more information and full details of our new range, please view our updated product guides and lending criteria or contact your Relationship Manager.​