Are your clients looking for something tangible with their income protection?


An update from LV=​

Article date: 17/06/2019

If your clients are looking for something more tangible with their income protection policy you might remember that LV= include Doctor Services* on all personal protection. LV= Doctor Services gives your clients access to six expert medical services in one handy app or phone call.

Your clients can get quick, confidential and convenient access to over 5,000 UK doctors and healthcare professionals, whatever their medical concern and wherever they are.

Not only will your clients get access to LV= Doctor Services if they choose LV= for their income protection solution, if your client is unable to work because of sickness or an accident LV= will also pay them an on-going regular benefit of up to 60% of their income, helping to minimise the cost impact that ill-health could have on them and their families. LV= Income Protection includes a host of other features included at no additional cost.

Here’s a reminder of some of the other features included:

  • Parent and Child Cover
  • Fracture Cover
  • Death Benefit
  • £1,500 benefit guarantee
  • Own Occupation cover for all occupations covered

To find out more about LV= Income Protection, visit the LV= IP hub, speak to your usual LV= Account Manager or call 0800 032 4219.

*LV= Doctor Services is a non-contractual benefit that can be changed or removed by LV= at any time.