Aviva’s critical illness cover gets even better


​Aviva has enhanced its critical illness products to make them even more comprehensive - and is doubling the amount payable for children’s cancer diagnoses.

Article date: 27/02/2018

​Aviva has enhanced its Life Insurance+ and Critical Illness+ products by making changes to four definitions including the most common payment areas of heart conditions, strokes and cancers. 

The firm has upped the top amount it will pay for a children’s cancer claim – from £25,000 to £50,000 – to make life easier for parents to provide their children with the care and support they need.

Mark Cracknell, Aviva’s Head of Protection Distribution, said: “We continually look at our claims experience and customer feedback to see whether further enhancements can be made that will add real benefit to the customer. Our objective is to provide the most comprehensive offering in the market.

“These changes mean we’ll be able to pay even more claims for some of the more common conditions. Moreover, for children’s cancer claims, which make up over half of our child critical illness claims, we’ll be able to give even more financial support for families when they need it most.”

Earlier payments, more peace of mind

For three of the conditions covered – cardiomyopathy, spinal stroke and benign spinal cord tumour – Aviva has improved the definition so that more customers will meet the description under which payment will be made.

To improve consistency, the spinal stroke definition has been aligned with the stroke definition and the definition for benign spinal cord tumours has been aligned to the benign brain tumour definition. And for cardiomyopathy the definition has now been broadened to include three measures of severity, including the insertion of a defibrillator.

Mark said: “These changes mean that for conditions such as spinal strokes, we’ll now be able to make payment at an earlier point following diagnosis. And for benign spinal cord tumour claims, clients who undergo surgery won't need permanent symptoms in order to have a successful claim.”  

Better children’s cancer cover

In recognition of the financial impact on a family when a child is diagnosed with cancer, Aviva has doubled the maximum benefit payable where upgraded children’s benefit has been selected. Customers with a child diagnosed with cancer will now be able to claim up to £50,000 to help them during their difficult time. 

“When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it can be tough to know what step to take next,” said Mark. “But it's the most common reason for our customers to claim and it can have a significant financial impact on families. 

When it's a child diagnosed with cancer, your customer may have more pressing worries than paying off the mortgage. Taking time off work to help care for their child is just one example where additional financial support could make a huge difference. 

That's why we've doubled the maximum benefit available for cancer under our upgraded children's cover. Peace of mind when your clients need it the most.”

“Inspired by life, improved by us”

Aviva says it has made the changes to provide an even greater likelihood of customers having a successful claim – and has based them on research, coupled with their own claims information and real-life customer experiences.

Mark said: “From listening to our claims handlers and studying research carried out by charities, we know just how much of an emotional and financial impact serious illness can have. That’s why our aim is to make critical illness cover with Aviva as straightforward and comprehensive as possible.

“These improvements mean our cover now focuses even more on the things that matter most to our customers and their families.”

Confidence – and more besides

The changes Aviva is introducing are intended to make its cover even more comprehensive than before, which could boost pay-out rates.

Mark said: “We are incredibly proud that the protection products we launched last year have been so successful and that we were able pay more than 92% of critical illness claims. But our pay-out rates aren’t the only reason so many advisers and clients are choosing us. 

“In addition to the improvements we’re making to the products, clients can also benefit from the range of ‘added-value’ benefits that come with our Life Insurance+ and Critical Illness+ products. – such as Best Doctors Second Opinion and Bupa Anytime Healthline.”

“I hope that advisers already know they can trust our brand and our products, and our goal is to never rest, to build on that – to do even better. My message to them would be that our focus will always be on improving our cover, so your clients can focus on getting better.”

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